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Varga A, Cano A E, Rowe M, Ciravegna F, He Y.  2014.  Linked knowledge sources for topic classification of microposts: A semantic graph-based approach. Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents.
Rowe M, Alani H.  2014.  Mining and Comparing Engagement Dynamics Across Multiple Social Media Platforms. Web Science Conference.
Rowe M, Stankovic M, Dadzie A-S.  2014.  Proceedings of the Making Sense of Microposts Workshop (#Microposts2014) at the World Wide Web Conference. World Wide Web Conference.
Rowe M, Strohmaier M.  2014.  The Semantic Evolution of Online Communities. World Wide Web Conference (Web Science Track).
Dadzie A-S, Rowe M, Stankovic M.  2014.  The Semantics of Microposts. Semantic Web Journal. 5(5)
Rowe M.  2014.  SemanticSVD++: Incorporating Semantic Taste Evolution for Predicting Ratings. International Conference on Web Intelligence.
Terzi M, Rowe M, Ferrario M A, Whittle J.  2014.  Text-based User-kNN: Measuring User Similarity Based on Text Review. User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalisation Conference .
Kershaw D, Rowe M, Stacey P.  2014.  Towards Tracking and Analysing Regional Alcohol Consumption Patterns in the UK through the use of Social Media. Web Science Conference.
Rowe M.  2014.  Transferring Semantic Categories with Vertex Kernels: Recommendations with SemanticSVD++. International Semantic Web Conference.
Rowe M, Fernandez M, Alani H, Ronen I, Hayes C, Karnstedt M.  2012.  Behaviour analysis across different types of Enterprise Online Communities. Web Science Conference 2012.
Rowe M, Fernandez M, Angeletou S, Alani H.  2012.  Community Analysis through Semantic Rules and Role Composition Derivation. Journal of Web Semantics.
Stankovic M, Rowe M, Laublet P.  2012.  Finding Co-solvers on Twitter, with a Little Help from Linked Data. Extended Semantic Web Conference.
Wagner C, Rowe M, Strohmaier M, Alani H.  2012.  Ignorance isn't Bliss: An Empirical Analysis of Attention Patterns in Online Communities. IEEE International Conference on Social Computing.
Rowe M, Stankovic M, Dadzie A-S.  2012.  Proceedings of the WWWW2012 Workshop on ’Making Sense of Microposts’: Big things come in small packages. World Wide Web Conference.
Zablith F, Fernandez M, Rowe M.  2012.  Production and Consumption of University Linked Data. Interactive Learning Environments.
Wagner C, Rowe M, Strohmaier M, Alani H.  2012.  What catches your attention? An empirical study of attention patterns in community forums International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.
Rowe M, Alani H.  2012.  What makes communities tick? Community health analysis using role compositions IEEE International Conference on Social Computing.


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